Khokhar Group is specialized in structural engineering


    Curtain Wall & Structural Glazing

    Curtain wall stick panels are fabricated & installed on-site whereas curtail wall unitized panels are pre-fabricated in factory & installed on-site.


    Composite Cladding

    Wall claddings are decorative coverings that encompass the exterior surface of structure whilst protecting the surface beneath from moisture and dust particles. It adds great aesthetic appeal to any structure of the building.


    Frameless Glass Railing System

    Railing system consists of a main frame of balusters (and top rail) with the glass used to form the infill panels.


    Glass Works

    Glass fabrication techniques include cutting, grinding, laminating, and drilling that also require polishing, tempering and bending the glass with high level of precision fabrication.


    Aluminum Louvers

    Aluminum louvers are designed to allow air into the building while keeping out unwantedelements.


    Aluminum Dome Structures

    Aluminum dome structure is an extreme engineering. It is a great way to allow natural light indoors and ventilation.

    Aluminum Doors

    Extremely secure, exceptionally elegant and high on functionality, aluminum doors leave a long lasting impression.


    Aluminum Windows

    Practically maintenance-free, highly insulated and resilient aluminum windows.


    Aluminum Clean Room

    Aluminumclean room profiles and panels consist of number of components, fabricated and installed with maximum safety.


    Suspended Ceiling

    System offers a full range of specifications from simple gypsum to a range of exposed or concealed suspended ceilings.

    SS & MS Fabrication

    SS & MS fabrication is the building of structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes.


    Monorail System / BMU's

    Monorail system and building maintenance units (BMU's) are the means by which the facade of high-rise buildings are cleaned and maintained.


Khokhar Group is specialized in structural contracting and engineering solutions providing precision fabrication. Engineers & fabrication team at Khokhar Group is trained from SCHUCO LEARNING & DEVELOPMENT CENTER and are certified with SCHUCO UNITIZED SYSTEM for unitized fabrication process & installation techniques.